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1) Name - Bob
2) Location -
San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles
3) Age -
Older than you (< 59)
4) Build -
Slim, athletic
5) Occupation -
Formerly engineer. Currently hobbyist, jazz and classical musician, photographer, etc.
6) Income (not required) -
7) How would you describe yourself? -
Full of energy, sense of humor, strong, too bright for my own good
8) How would others describe you? -
Much the same way
9) How do you spend your free time? -
Music, ham radio, computer, working out
10) Do you have any kids? -
Two grown kids, five grandkids
11) Do you travel? Where have you been? Give us an interesting story. -
I do vicarious travel via ham radio, have talked to 300 countries. My physical travel is mostly limited to motor trips.
12) Do you read? Favorite books? -
I mostly read trade magazines and sometimes classical fiction (Dracula, Washington Irving, etc.)
13) Favorite films, actors, directors, moments. -
Not into movies that much. In fact, I am a poor spectator and prefer to be part of the action
14) Favorite music. -
JAZZ! Plus klezmer, classical
15) Favorite artists. -
Not into artists
16) Do you have any pets? Tell us about em. -
I have a wonderful pussycat. She is my close friend, always here for me
17) Do you like McDonald’s coffee? -
I don't do Macdonalds or any fast food for that matter
18) What are your favorite dishes? -
I like a wide variety of foods (but not Mexican)
19) Can you cook any of them? -
can cook most of it
20) Who are you looking for? -
Looking for companionship, affection
21) Have you been married? -


Suitor #2 decided not to answer any of the questions, but instead replied with "SHE IS CUTE,SHE CAN GET AWAY TO SANTA BARBARA AND I WILL SHOW HER THE TOWN."


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Suitor #3 replied: "Hi I wasen`t going to write, but got stuck in a com. glitch. My name is vic swm  60ish. I`ve never been out of the country. no animals etc. hate all the questions, so let me just say you have some great eyes. mine are blue. italian/ american. I like a lot of the same things you do & yes I`ll cook for you.Wished we lived closer. thanks  VIC"


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Suitor #4 didn't answer the questions either (come on folks, it's easy!). He replied: "I work in porn (hustler). i mean i see photo's of people screwing all day long. so anyway, if she needs a reason to move out of Sactown, just have her look at how crappy the Kings or doing."


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Suitor #5, didn't answer the questions, and replied: "Hello
I am 35m from turkey. I am interesting with you mom
also if you care pls contact with me. - Baris"